Calatea Optimering
”How optimal are you?”

Calatea Optimering provides consultancy services around resource optimization. Examples of resource optimization include different aspects of personnel and crew scheduling, vehicle planning, many aspects of logistics optimization, and the planning of the use of any kind of resource in an optimal way.

One focus area of Calatea Optimering is scheduling of sports events. In collaboration with our parter Bortz Media & Sports Group, Inc. in Denver, US, we deliver game schedules and schedules for officials for National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL). Calatea has also delivered game schedules to some college leagues in the US.

When to engage Calatea Optimering

Calatea Optimering has big experience in the introduction of both large and small optimization systems in real businesses. We know what it takes and what difficulties you might run into when introducing optimization. Therefore, there are several good causes to use Calatea Optimering:

  • When you want to know the potential of improved resource utilization.
  • When you need support in the development of optimization models and algorithms.
  • When you need a third party review of your optimization project.
  • When you want to know if your planning process is suitable for the use of optimization.
  • When you have any kind of questions regarding empty fright car distribution or sports scheduling; two of the main focus areas of Calatea Optimering.


Calatea Optimering holds big knowledge in Operations Research (Operationsanalys) and sits in the board of SOAF, the Swedish Operations Research Assocition.


How optimal are you?

Every business wants to use its resources in an optimal way. Calatea Optimering can help you take a step forward in your resource utilization by both examining the current situation, estimating the potential and implement improvements based on optimization.


(From a scientific viewpoint, the question “How optimal are you?” is irrelevant, either you are optimal, or you are not. But in general speaking, the term “optimal” is used in a much broader sense.)


What is optimization for Calatea Optimering?

When we talk about optimization we mean a tool for improved planning of resources by the means of automated generation of plans. The calculation of the plans is made by the use of mathematical models that describes the planning problem. The target for introducing optimization can be cost reduction, speed up of planning process, better use of resources or to be less dependent of experienced planner’s intuition. © 2008